TEX-IN SERVICES is an experienced and accomplished industrial construction company. We provide  turnkey services  for your equipment and system installations on various projects. We not only exceed expectations, we typically add a value that you will rarely find anywhere else. We have experienced employees and managers that have completed many projects and are all solutions minding and to doing what we say we will do, on time and within budget.  

Personnel safety of ours and yours always comes first and our number one priority is to send all employees and others home just as they arrived.  All of our employees are experienced in an industrial environment and have ongoing safety training as company members of the Houston Area Safety Counsel. We continue our safety efforts at the shop and in daily toolbox, JSA, and safety meetings.  We stay aware of our surroundings because the safety to those we work around is equally important.  We will be happy to fulfill any site specific or specialized training. We provide our employees with all necessary and up to date PPE and strictly adhere to OSHA, NFPA, and NEC codes and standards.